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Our Jobs Issue No 5 of 2015, Thursday 2 July

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Message from the National Secretary

Have you seen the new FSU membership application form? Thanks to the Victoria LEC for volunteering to be in our picture for the new form which you can find here

Hi everyone,

It’s been a very busy month as negotiations get underway in many of our enterprises.

As you will see from the campaign update below, your union continues to work hard for you to resolve the issues that you have told us are important to you.

We can do this by making sure any new Agreements must address the challenges that you face every day in your workplace and by advocating for pay increases that keep up with the cost of living and are not linked to performance.

On a separate note, I have been reviewing the operations of the union with the objective of identifying better ways to service our members across the nation.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our service to you, feel free to drop me a line at: fiona.jordan@fsunion.org.au

In unity

Industrial campaigns gathering momentum

FSU and Westpac have commenced formal negotiations for a new enterprise agreement.  The FSU negotiation team recently presented the FSU claim to Westpac Representatives  on behalf of members. Consultation meetings will be held in the coming weeks to discuss the details of Westpac’s proposal, ahead of negotiations recommencing later this month. Keep an eye out for the details.

Following the resounding rejection of ANZ’s proposal in February, a fresh round of negotiations for a new ANZ Agreement will resume on July 8. FSU members and ANZ employees are out talking about what it will take to fix the problems and secure a fair Agreement. No date yet for CBA. Members’ views on the NAB classification model were presented to NAB on June 10 and there has been one meeting since then; there is a possibility of another.

Bankwest employees have, meanwhile, been very clear in survey results with more than 95% saying they want improvements in pay and conditions. See the chart of results above.

RBA: The bank has opted out of negotiations and decided to put its offer directly to employees and voting starts today (Thursday July 2) and will run until July 16. The FSU Council is organising ‘town hall’ meetings and is urging all members and employees to Vote No. There have already been meetings this week and there is one today:

  • Location:
    RBA Head Office, Martin Place
  • Date and Time:
    Thursday 2 July at 3pm

Bendigo/Adelaide Bank: There have been three enterprise bargaining meetings so far with another negotiating one coming up on July 7.

CBUS and IFS members are currently considering management offers for new enterprise agreements.

First Super and MTAA Super have also started enterprise bargaining negotiations.


  • HostPlus staff are to receive a 4% increase from tomorrow (July 1)
  • AustSuper 4% in pay and 0.5% in super pushing it up to 13%
  • Superpartners 3% and
  • ME Bank staff in Grades 1 to 9 a 3.5% increase
Campaign heroes from the past

Norm with one of our A.B.E.U honour boards, which are kept in the National Office

Our current campaigns to protect members' wages and conditions brings to mind some of the FSU people who’ve made their mark in our union and the labour movement, such as Victoria’s Norm Bristow and South Australia’s Karen Aldridge. Both today recall for us some of the memorable moments.

The Great Victorian March

Norm Bristow, Former State President, Victoria

There were strong rumours in the late 1980s/early 1990s that the State Government was about to sell off the State Bank.

The lead up to the protest march on 24 August 1990 was very powerful and emotional.

Forget marching. Over 6500 State Bank Victoria members of the ABEU stormed up Collins Street that day! We wanted to demand a meeting with the Victorian State Treasurer, the Minister responsible for the bank.

It was so overwhelming that the Police Commander in charge of the march who could be clearly seen at the front, turned around to me and said, “Norm, get them to slow down: it has more of a visual impact”. Even the police were on our side!

We did get our meeting two days later but unfortunately the Victorian Treasurer did announce the sale of the Bank to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. It has forever remained a black day.

The memory of that march and so many of our members coming together is an everlasting one for me. I’ll never forget how proud I was that day.

Never be afraid to join your union

Karen Aldridge, Life Member, South Australia

I’m retired now but I used to be on a very good, active committee at the Commonwealth Bank Officers Association.

There were about 12 or 13 of us and we had some great wins around forcing the bank to pay us our overtime. That was the main issue we faced during those years: not being paid for this extra work we were doing. Managers would often fill in the timesheets themselves so people weren’t remunerated for the hours they worked.

When I started at the State Bank of SA in the early 1980s, it was a condition of employment to join the union, and the bank actively encouraged it. How things have changed! It has become a lot harder to get people to join the union because during the last few decades, the banks have been making the union out to be the ‘baddies’. Young people are afraid to join as they think it will be detrimental to their careers. I used to say to them all the time, “It’s not, It will help!”

I still believe this and despite being retired I’m still active with the FSU, because I think it’s important. I go to the AGMs, conferences, and come in as a volunteer to make phone calls when needed. I see myself as an FSU member for life.


ME has undergone a rebrand and is now ‘ME’ instead of ‘ME Bank’.

It also has a new black and white logo.

The name change includes a new tagline ‘make the most of ME’  and the launch of a low-rate credit card called frank.

Read here for more on the rebrand and the goal to be a leader in the digital world.

Mobile Phone App winners

Kristy Horner and Mikele Sarnellie have both won movie tickets as part of our new mobile phone APP. If you want to win, download now.

Current vacancies

Advocate for SA/NT branch 

Organiser for WA 

Advocate Vic Tas (closing July 3) 

National Communications Officer 

Read more
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Note to Mum and Dads. With the July school holidays here, now is a good time to get your movie tickets so the kids are not disappointed. The movie tickets will be increasing in price soon, so make your order now.


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Authorised by Fiona Jordan, National Secretary
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