Issue No.7 of 2013, Friday 26 July 

Keeping the focus on Our Jobs Our Future

Since I last wrote to you, the Services Sector Leaders Group  has been meeting regularly, and we are now finalizing our vision for the services sector that will inform our discussions with Government. I hope to report on the outcome of discussions very soon.

One thing I am very pleased to report to you is the increase in member involvement in FSU campaign activities since our LEC Day in May. We have more finance workers engaging with their union via social media and email, in meetings, in one on one conversations, and it’s great to see that members are starting to get involved in federal election campaigning.

This is a good start, but there needs to be an increase in this involvement if we are going to win on the issues that matter to finance workers.

Getting involved is easy, and I invite you, as a first step, to connect with the Our Jobs Our Future campaign page  

In Unity

Leon Carter
FSU National Secretary
Our Jobs Our Future in the public arena

Please follow the links, read and share widely, so we can spread the word even further.

 QBE offshoring plan hits a setback
Sydney Morning Herald, 23rd July

 Bank workers make a stand against offshoring
Working Life, 17th July
“We were on our honeymoon when he got the first call”
Mamamia, 11th July

Have you connected with the Our Jobs Our Future campaign page yet?

Industrial news

ANZ, call centre workers based in Melbourne are feeling less secure than ever, with news that a leaked document has earmarked jobs at South Melbourne and Mulgrave for offshoring. Read more about it and show your support for these workers.  Click here to see Leon Carter and the wider local community respond to these alarming developments. 

Still on ANZ, the union has successfully campaigned for regrading of 130 roles at the bank, after new responsibilities were added to “split Service Consultant/Personal Banker roles”. Staff in these roles have now been provided confirmation of the grade and new salary levels. 

Members at CBA can keep up to date with enterprise bargaining developments by following Louise Arnfield’s blog. As well as being a frontline CBA worker and President of the FSU NSW/ACT branch, Louise is also representing FSU members at the bargaining table.

Visit the Finance Sector Union Facebook page to see more of these great photos.

FSU Reps at NAB will be briefed on the results of the union’s pay and conditions survey and members will have a chance to vote on the claim for enterprise bargaining between now and 16th August. Keep an eye on your inbox for details, and talk to your local Rep about how and when to cast your vote.

FSU members at Westpac’s call centre in Lomond Tasmania are celebrating their campaign win. Initially devastated by the bank’s announcement that the overnight team was to be outsourced, with many facing the prospect of losing up to $1200 per fortnight, members were able to get a significant outcome to secure their shift preferences and pay. Read the full story about this campaign in the latest Vic/Tas newsletter.

New Agreements improving pay and conditions for employees at Host-Plus and ME Bank were certified by Fair Work Australia this week.

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We’ve got you covered                     

Journey Insurance Cover for FSU members from 1 July

We are delighted to let you know the fantastic news that from July 1, all current FSU members will be covered by Journey Insurance! This really is an invaluable addition to your membership package and one we are excited to be able to offer you.

The Journey Cover Plan covers a current member for an accident on their trip to and from an insured person's place of residence and business. All you need to do to stay covered is keep your FSU membership up to date. The cover applies to new members from the date they join the union.

As a current member your coverage includes:
  • Accident Benefit up to 85% to a maximum of $1,500 per week
  • Waiting period / excess 14 days.
  • Benefit period of up to 104 weeks
Take a look at the web page we've created that will answer any questions you may have about the Journey Cover Plan.

It's just another reason why it pays to be an FSU member.

New research shows transformational impact of financial advice reforms

A study undertaken by consulting firm Rice Warner confirms that recent reforms to financial advice are not only good for Australia’s retirement savings but good for the advice industry as well.

Key findings from the updated report include:

  • The Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms will boost Australians’ private savings under advice by $144 billion by 2027.
  • The average cost of advice will reduce from $2,046 before the reforms to $1,163 after the reforms by 2026/27 (in 2012 dollars).
  • A doubling in the provision of financial advice to Australians – by 2026 there will be 1.88 million pieces of advice provided compared to 893,000 pieces under a no reform scenario.
  • The number of financial planners employed will remain stable over the long term, with growth dependent on how quickly the sector adapts to shift in demand for scaled financial advice.

Download the full report here (910 KB)  

Are you, and everyone you know, enrolled to vote?

When the writs are issued -- legally announcing a federal election date -- you'll have just one week to get on the electoral roll. And if you're not on the roll, you can't vote at this federal election.

Nearly 1.5 million Australians aren't enrolled to vote. A whopping 25% of all eligible Aussies 24 and under aren't on the roll. With the election looking to be a close race - it's more important than ever to make sure your voice and vote counts.

Visit the Australian Electoral Commission to enrol or update your details online now!

You've gotta laugh…

ABC has reported that a tired German bank employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transformed a minor transfer into a 222 million euro ($311 million) order, a court heard.

The Hessen labour court heard that the man was supposed to transfer just 62.40 euros from a bank account belonging to a retiree, but instead "fell asleep for an instant, while pushing onto the number 2 key on the keyboard" - making it a huge 222,222,222.22 euro order. 
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Authorised by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter