Issue No.3 of 2013 Friday 8 March 


Unfairly dismissed ANZ worker wins reinstatement order

A long-serving ANZ employee and FSU member sacked for breaching a policy ban on serving friends and family by cashing cheques for her elderly mother has won her job back. Fair Work Australia criticised the bank policy's saying it "does not necessarily fit an attractive corporate image for ANZ in a small branch in a regional town".

The part-time employee had worked for ANZ for 32 years and had never previously received a warning or counselling on her performance or conduct.

Commissioner Riordan said that ANZ:

  • attempted "entrapment" by trying to "trick or 'catch'" the teller with inconsistent answers during the disciplinary meeting;
  • sacked the teller based on conduct that "did not involve any aspect of dishonesty";
  • denied the teller procedural fairness by raising five breaches of its policy in its disciplinary meeting, after notifying her that the meeting was to discuss the cashing of "a" cheque;
  • breached its disciplinary policy in refusing to put in writing all the allegations against her, and provided an inadequate opportunity for her to respond to the allegations as a whole; and
  • failed to adequately investigate the manager's accusation that the teller wrongly accused her of allowing her to serve her mother.

He also said it was a mitigating factor that the teller "had some concern for ageing customers who stood in line and waited".

The Commissioner ordered the member's reinstatement, with continuity of service and payment of all lost salary.

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QBE Offshoring  

Australian insurer QBE plans to offshore hundreds of jobs to the company’s new shared services centre in Manila.

Video: FSU Rally at QBE Bourke Street, Melbourne

FSU Secure Jobs Update - QBE Offshoring
How You Can Get Involved

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Westpac rules out more offshoring this year  

A second bank has responded to worker and community pressure over the offshoring of Australian finance jobs. Fairfax media reports today that Westpac CEO Gail Kelly said “Westpac would not replace any more local staff with foreign workers this year”.

FSU National Secretary Leon Carter said today’s news from Westpac is a step in the right direction.

“With 1200 Australian finance jobs heading offshore already this year, and workers feeling intensely insecure about their employment, announcements such as today’s from Westpac are certainly welcome,” said Leon Carter.

“I encourage Westpac to rule out offshoring altogether, beyond 31 December. It’s bad for customers and it’s bad for workers.”

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International Women’s Day  

Happy International Women’s Day to all FSU members. There’s lots happening to celebrate this annual event.

In Melbourne today the ACTU launched the Time to Care campaign.
Follow the link to find out more and get involved
A great video honouring women unionists and their achievements was released today.

FSU members are invited to rally in Sydney on Saturday 9th March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Meet outside the FSU office, 321 Pitt Street at 11:45 am, move to Sydney Town Hall at 12 noon, before marching to Hyde Park. All welcome!

Find International Women’s Day events in your area here,

Speaker Anna Burke meets finance workers in Melbourne  

Anna Burke attended the union's National Executive meeting in Melbourne recently.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Member for Chisholm and former FSU Industrial Officer Anna Burke attended the union's National Executive meeting in Melbourne recently.

The FSU presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Anna in recognition of her support of finance workers.

While working at the FSU in the past, Anna Burke represented finance workers at NAB and ANZ, negotiating the ANZ Collective Employment Agreement 1998 that was in place at the bank for almost a decade, and leading negotiations and campaigns on behalf of tens of thousands of finance workers.

“We are incredibly proud of Anna, not only for the work she did on behalf of finance workers while working at the FSU, but for her ongoing commitment to Australian workers and her fantastic management of proceedings in the Australian House of Representatives,” said FSU National Secretary Leon Carter.

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Release of McNair Survey of CBA members imminent – All will be revealed soon!  

What percentage of CBA staff feel stressed about performance objectives? Do CBA employees feel more secure, or less secure, in their jobs than they did a year ago? Would CBA employees recommend the bank as a place to work?

2,500 CBA employees have spoken, and the results of one of the largest independent surveys of CBA employees are about to be released. The union is organising briefings for FSU Reps during March, and then the FSU Rep in your workplace will give you a report on the results of the survey.

And the results may surprise you!            

Get yourself along to a briefing in your workplace or your local area - keep an eye on your inbox as we will be emailing invitations soon.

ANZ: Urgent Action Recommended to Protect Your Personal Information  

After urgent talks between ANZ and FSU this week, it is now possible for all ANZ staff to secure stronger legal protection for your personal information. 

It was brought to the Union’s attention that ANZ is asking staff to complete an e-training course called “Living the Code”. This course includes a requirement for staff to acknowledge that the bank sends personal information offshore, and that the privacy laws in other countries may not be as stringent as Australia’s.

After FSU raised the matter ANZ has conceded that staff are not required to agree to the disclaimer.

ANZ People Assist has instructions on how to guide the employee and line manager through the process of recording a manual completion of the course (without completing the declaration). ANZ have confirmed that staff will still be compliant even if they do not complete the declaration and it will have no impact on performance reviews career progression.

The FSU advises members not to agree to this statement when completing this course as we believe the bank is required to protect your personal details. If you have already completed the course and agreed to the statement already then you should advise your manager that you would like to retract that agreement.

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Authorised by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter