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Our Jobs Issue No.9 of 2013, Thursday 10 October

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We won!

“The secret for success is the active participation of the membership. With your help, with your participation, with your leadership, nothing can stop us.”

– Leon Carter, Our Jobs Our Future activists’ day, May 2013

Finance workers have achieved two massive wins recently.

Below are the details:

Win #1 - St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne performance pay ballot

Together, staff at St George, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne secured a huge win in the ballot about the future of pay in their banks.

Eligible employees had the chance to vote on two options; receiving a pay increase in January 2014 that was linked to performance objectives, or a set guaranteed pay increase.

St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne unpackaged employees have a long history of receiving guaranteed pay increases each year, enabling them to feel secure and keep up with the cost of living. Westpac proposed to move these employees to a system where pay increases would be dependent on meeting performance measures.

In order to win the pay ballot and maintain guaranteed pay increases, a majority of eligible employees had to vote for set guaranteed pay increases.

FSU Reps and members from across the country in the three banks worked together to ensure everyone understood what was at stake, and knew that every vote counted if they were to win.  They had heard the stories about what it was really like to work under a performance pay model from colleagues at Westpac, and decided that this was not the type of culture they wanted to work in.

85% of eligible employees participated in the ballot, with 84% (or 2374 employees) voting overwhelmingly to secure their future by maintaining set guaranteed pay increases for unpackaged St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne employees.  Members ran a terrific campaign, achieving a great result.

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Win #2 - Workers win campaign to keep 590 ANZ Direct jobs in Australia

In a significant win for FSU members, finance workers generally, and the Australian community, workers at ANZ Direct at two sites in Melbourne have successfully campaigned to keep jobs in Australia.

Earlier reports that ANZ was considering offshoring 590 jobs from Mulgrave and South Melbourne to The Philippines and New Zealand galvanized FSU members, and workers joined forces with the community to apply enough pressure for the bank to abandon the proposal.

The multi-faceted campaign involved regular meetings of FSU Reps at both Mulgrave and Dorcas Street, displaying flags and campaign material in the workplace, lunchtime bbqs, attendance at community events, meeting with politicians, collecting signatures on a petition, and securing the support of colleagues both within ANZ and across the finance sector.

Reps at both sites are continuing to do a fantastic job supporting and representing their workmates.

FSU National Secretary Leon Carter told media outlets yesterday “This is a clear signal to the industry that when you threaten the jobs and the futures of finance workers, FSU members will fight back.”

“When we act collectively and campaign to protect our jobs, we can win.”

ANZ announced to staff yesterday that the Mulgrave site will be vacated in late 2014, and every single worker at Mulgrave will be offered a position at the South Melbourne site. The bank said no ANZ Direct jobs will be offshored as part of this process.

Video: Together, We Win

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Workers at NAB getting the facts fast

NAB employees are getting a bird’s eye view of bargaining by following the Ferrari’s Fast Facts blog. FSU Rep and NAB employee Paul Ferrari is participating in the negotiations for a new NAB EB, and Paul is providing regular reports on the progress of these talks.

Follow Ferrari’s Fast Facts here.

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FSU National Conference

FSU’s biennial National Conference will be held in Victoria next week, from Mon 14th Oct to Thu 17th Oct. Delegates from across the finance sector, and from right across Australia will come together with colleagues to participate in Our Jobs Our Future workshops and plenary sessions. Follow all the action by visiting the FSU Facebook page, where we’ll be posting regular updates.

Industrial news in brief

A new FSU ME Bank Worker Council has been elected. Congratulations to Matthew Dalby, Vicki Montesano, Edwina Fernandes, Kelly Tsaousidis and Paul Filia, who have been elected unopposed to represent their colleagues. A ballot to elect a representative from Sales is underway.

The Fair Work Commission has approved the CBA Enterprise Agreement, with the new Agreement to take effect from 8 October. Whilst pay increases were made on 19 September, the improvements to conditions under the new Agreement took effect this week. The Agenda 4 Change campaign continues, with the FSU and CBA to restart negotiations in coming weeks.

Workers at Fiserv will vote on their new Enterprise Agreement next week. Negotiations for new agreements at Bankwest and Bupa are underway, and negotiations are commencing soon at Zurich.

FSU in the news

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New Movie Ticket offer for FSU members

The FSU’s popular discount movie ticket service has been expanded to include Palace Cinemas, in addition to Hoyts, Village, AMC, Greater Union and Birch Carroll Coyle cinemas.

Palace Cinemas tickets are valid 7 days per week, including after 5pm on Saturdays, and can also be used on public holidays.

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Authorised by Leon Carter, National Secretary
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