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How to Lodge Claims for Payment for Additional Hours Worked    Last week, FSU reported that back pay was on the way for FSU members who stood together to put an end to underpayments for additional hours. The good news...

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Finance Sector Union members at Bendigo/Adelaide Bank will receive a 3% pay increase from the first pay period in December. This increase was negotiated by the FSU and other bargaining representatives as part of the current enterprise...

When major change approaches, your union is here to advocate for you. NAB recently announced that a major restructure would occur over the next 3 years. This included an announcement that 6000 jobs would be cut while 2000 jobs will be...

Escalated Dispute About Underpayment and Working Hours   Last week we told you that we have escalated the dispute about scorecards, regular and systematic underpayments, and a broken relief model to the Fair Work Commission....
NAB - Have You Been Underpaid Too? Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Despite your FSU Reps raising your concerns directly with Bob Melrose, and some positive early signs that your concerns would be taken seriously, it appears not much has changed.  The business model in NAB Retail is about cutting costs at...

Westpac have announced a proposal to permanently shut the doors on another four branches in their retail network, potentially resulting in a cut of 15 roles.   The latest announcement, which Westpac are calling an amalgamation,...
WE WON'T WAIT - Tuesday, 28 November 2017

10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in the National Employment Standard There is a crisis in Australia. Every week a woman is killed by an intimate partner or family member.  Already in 2017, 45 women have been...
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