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WBC: Job Cuts

Westpac announces first job cuts after Federal Government big bank tax levy announcement

Just ten days after the Federal Government announced their big bank tax levy Westpac has announced proposals to cut 53 roles from Group Technology, and close another five branches from heir St George and Bank of Melbourne brands.

The planned job cuts are to come from Change Application Delivery Services teams in BT and WIB Technology.  The job cuts, mainly in Sydney with a smaller number in Melbourne and Perth, means a number of IT functions and activities will no longer by handled by Westpac Group staff and will instead be outsourced and offshored.

FSU members have consistently said that outsourced and offshored providers do not provide the same quality service as provided by in-house Westpac Group staff.  It is hard to see how Westpac will regain the publics trust without investing in quality Australian jobs and services.

The five branches identified for closure are:

St George Rose Bay, NSW
Bank of Melbourne Dandenong, Victoria
Bank of Melbourne Dandenong, Victoria
Bank of Melbourne Officer, Victoria
Bank of Melbourne Preston, Victoria


Are you impacted?

The Westpac Group Enterprise agreement 2016 sets out your rights including the process Westpac must follow to consult with you regarding major workplace changes.  The agreement provisions include: 

  • Genuine consultation periods to consider members feedback about proposed changes;
  • Fairer redeployment process that incudes access to case managers and consideration of employee preferences.


Will you be asked to do more with less staff – What you can do

During the consultation period make sure you speak up about any concerns you and your colleagues may have– Westpac is obliged to consider your ideas and provide responses before a final decision is made. 

When providing your feedback on the proposed change, some things you should consider is how the proposed change will impact work flow, quality of service provided, and workloads.

If you are impacted make sure you get all the facts.  You can:

  • Speak to your FSU Workplace Rep or Organiser
  • Arrange to hold a workplace meeting to discuss the impact on you and your colleagues
  • Contact our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 to get further information and advice
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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