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WA Premier Seconds FSU Motion on Bankwest

Over the weekend at the WA Labor Conference 2017, WA Local Executive Secretary Di Marshall put the following motion to conference delegates.

The motion was seconded by WA Premier Mark McGowan. The conference delegates voted a resounding Yes in support to Keep Bankwest Local and Strong.

The motion states:

This conference acknowledges that the Bank of Western Australia Act 1995 was enacted to allow the former R&I state bank to be privatised. This act was amended in 2012 to satisfy requirements due to the sale of the bank to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). This Act had a 5 year duration and lapses in September 2017.

The amendment act imposed several conditions on CBA as the purchaser which included guarantees that maintained the number of branches in metropolitan and regional Western Australia and ensured back office support roles reporting to the Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Human Resources remain in Perth Western Australia.

WA Labor understands the importance of services to citizens in metropolitan, regional and remote areas and this Labor Government will:

  • give active consideration to enacting legislation in the future if BankWest does not meet its ongoing obligations to the State
  • call on CBA to meet with the Government and stakeholders, including the Finance Sector Union, to discuss the protection of Bankwest jobs in WA and to Keep Bankwest Local & Strong.

Mover: Dianne Marshall, FSU WA Local Executive Secretary
Seconder:  Mark McGowan, Premier WA

This motion sends a strong message to Bankwest: act responsibly, grow the Bankwest brand, or this Labor Government will act. By seconding the motion the Premier has given Managing Director Rowan Muchenberg a very strong and visible signal that the Government will be watching them closely.

You can hear the motion put by the WA Local Executive Secretary and the Premier’s strong support when seconding the motion, by following this link: bit.ly/Premier-seconds-FSU-motion



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Authorised By: Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA
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