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They Just Don’t Get It! Affirmations Won’t Fix Poor Culture and Leadership

The Royal Commission has in no uncertain terms put the spotlight on the systemic, cultural and leadership failures in NAB.

Nothing Has Changed

We are a year into the Royal Commission and only days before Andrew Thorburn, the CEO of NAB, faces the Royal Commission about failures of policy, culture and leadership in NAB.

Despite this, Mr. Thorburn's EGM in retail Victoria and Tasmania, Mary Scoutas, issued workers with a "Retail Staff Affirmation” to sign about how referrals work.

Click here if you were required to sign the Affirmation.

Sales and Referral Targets at the Core of the Problem

The affirmation ignores the pressure on staff to meet unrealistic referral targets to keep their job and tries to define, in an unintelligible way, what constitutes a referral. It then finishes with a threat of disciplinary action which could result in the application of a Conduct Gate or a review of ongoing employment – totally ignoring any failures of leadership.

Senior Executives Should Be Signing Affirmations Not Front Line Workers

Given all that has happened since the start of the Royal Commission, FSU members feel it would be more appropriate that senior leaders in NAB signed an “Affirmation” to do the right thing by their customers, workers and the community.

Urgent Meeting Requested

FSU Reps are seeking an urgent meeting with the management team to put an end to this nonsense. If NAB genuinely wants to rebuild community trust and confidence, they need to do better.

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