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Staying Back To Process Vouchers?

NAB Voucher Processing System Goes Down

Last Friday, coinciding with the end of financial year, the scanners went down impacting the processing of vouchers on the last day of the financial year. FSU members have advised that staff were instructed to wait until systems were restored to complete voucher processing.
Unfortunately the feedback we’re getting is that since voucher processing was brought back to the branches, staff are regularly having to stay back to complete the work, and the feedback from management is to not bother putting in for overtime because it won’t be approved.
This happening in your workplace?
If this is a familiar story in your workplace? Email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au to work together to stamp it out.
When Should Overtime Be Paid?
The enterprise agreement requires overtime to be paid when you are required to perform work in addition to your ordinary hours that is authorised by your People Leader.
If you were required to stay back to finish processing vouchers you should be paid overtime:
  • 50% loading for the first 3 hours
  • 100% loading for each additional hour after 3 hours.
For part time staff that means in addition to your ordinary part time hours.
Time Off in Lieu of Overtime is at your election only, with the agreement of your People Leader. You cannot be required by NAB to take the additional hours you work as Time Off in Lieu of Overtime.
Not an FSU member?
When we work together, we get the best results. If you’re not yet a member of the FSU, join online today and support fair overtime payments at NAB.
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