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SUPERPARTNERS: Are you getting your RDO's?

Superpartners’ staff in Grades 1 to 5 are entitled to one rostered day off in every four week cycle.

Clause 4.7 of the Superpartners Enterprise Agreement 2016 provides that “a RDO is earned if a full-time employee has worked 152 ordinary hours over 19 days in the four week cycle.”

It then provides the following guidelines for earning and taking RDOs:

  • Employees can earn up to 12 RDOs in a year.
  • Superpartners and employees will take all reasonable steps to ensure that RDOs are taken as rostered.
  • RDOs cannot be banked and must be taken within four weeks of earning.
  • RDO dates can only be altered once at the request of either party in any cycle.
  • A Superpartners initiated change to a scheduled RDO date should only be due to rare and exceptional business needs.
  • As a general rule, RDOs will not be available on Mondays except by prior arrangement between the employee and Manager.
  • Taking leave (eg annual or personal leave) whether planned or unplanned as well as public holidays falling within the four week cycle affect the earning of RDOs.                          

If you are not now routinely taking RDOs and you would like to do so, discuss the matter with your line manager before your next four week roster is agreed to.

Clause 4.4 provides that “in establishing a roster, the objective is to ensure that the agreement between Mangers and employees on working hours is freely entered into following full discussion (our emphasis) concerning the needs of the workplace and the employees concerned.”

If you experience any difficulties in establishing a regular pattern of RDOs, contact your FSU Workplace Representative below for further information.

Kate Moffat (Level 9)
Jesse Curtis (Level 7)
Brittany Gartlan (Level 8)
Rigzing Choppel (Level 7)
Jacqui Haslem (Level 8)
Alex Troup (Level 7)
Nicki Misinale (Level 7)
Clare Gornall (Level 8)
Darren Vidal (Sydney)
Kellie Anne Villier (Perth)
Sam Watt (Perth)

Otherwise call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.


Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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