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NAB: Scorecards: They really aren't working

Earlier this week NAB Servicing finally acknowledged that FY17 scorecards really aren’t working.

In an email to staff, a commitment was made that a review would occur to ensure scorecards appropriately reflect your performance and contribution.

A step in the right direction
While this confirms what you’ve been saying all along, we want to make sure the issues you’ve raised to date get resolved including the things that go beyond scorecards. Things like health and safety, systems and technology shortfalls and an inflexible approach to your work/life balance.

Our proposal
Your FSU Reps, from Servicing, met and agreed on an approach to deliver fair scorecards that include:

  1. An urgent meeting between FSU and NAB to provide your feedback;
  2. NAB to respond to your feedback;
  3. Outcomes of the review to be implemented in consultation with the FSU.

Have your say on Scorecards
Regardless of where you work in NAB, you can have your say be completing the FSU Fair Scorecards Survey today. The survey has been extended to cob Thursday, 13 April 2017.

If you’re in NAB Servicing you can also provide feedback to your FSU Reps:


Laf Zuccarello
Roger Manukau
Melissa Mcconaghy

Tania McDougall
Lisa De Caluwe

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