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NAB Members - FSU Wins on Dual Employment Contracts

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NAB has finally agreed to put an end to the use of dual employment contracts.

Frustrated with discussions that were not progressing, FSU raised the matter directly with Andrew Thorburn, resulting in a breakthrough.

What are Dual Contracts?

Dual contracts are when additional hours worked are added by creation of a second, casual contract on top of your existing one. This is inconsistent with the enterprise agreement and was about putting profits before people, something that has been a recurring problem for NAB in recent times.  The impact of Dual Contracts can include:

  • Underpayments for additional hours worked;
  • Reduced employer superannuation contributions;
  • Undermining secure hours and earnings.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Back Pay

FSU can represent members to ensure back pay and superannuation contributions are in accordance with the relevant enterprise agreement.

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If you are or have been on two employment contracts while employed at NAB –  a primary part time or full time contract and a secondary casual contract – register for back pay today.

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If you’re not a member of the FSU you may be eligible for representation. Call the member rights centre on 1300 366 378 for further information.

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