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NAB: It's Time to Fix Scorecards

This week your FSU Reps are meeting with NAB management representatives from Performance and Reward to work through the key issues you identified with FY17 scorecards. 

Your Feedback Was Conclusive

Over 1700 employees responded to the Fair Scorecards survey from across the business. You identified numerous issues including:

  • 1 in 5 employees do not have a scorecard relevant to their role in place;
  • Over 40% of employees are not consulted about scorecard objectives; 
  • Up to one third of employees do not understand their scorecard objectives;
  • Over half of employees reported not having monthly performance conversations;
  • Over 80% work additional hours to achieve scorecard objectives;
  • One third report that they are not provided with additional training, coaching and time management assistance when they have had difficulty meeting performance objectives;
  • 40% report that performance conversations with People Leaders do not clearly differentiate between performance of role and aspirational stretch targets;
  • Almost 40% feel that they are worse off with the decision to remove mid-year performance ratings.


Scorecards Balanced Only In Name

We are also hearing from members that scorecards are balanced on paper only. The reality is they are heavily focused on sales in customer facing roles, and in the back office it’s all about unrealistic volumes that can’t be delivered in ordinary hours.

Problems More Pronounced In Some Areas

With the issues more pronounced in some areas, we’ve called meetings with senior managers in both Servicing and Business Fulfilment in an attempt to get some relief for employees who are unable to meet the unrealistic targets.

Next Steps

We’re hoping that NAB comes to the table with a proposal to rewrite the scorecards in time for rollout of the FY18 scorecards and takes into consideration the problems you’ve identified, so no employee is disadvantaged.

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