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NAB: An open letter to Andrew Thorburn

With hundreds of employees already caught up in compliance issues that could have far reaching consequences for their careers, and news of a new compliance issue involving instructions given to staff, your workmates are asking for your support.

Compliance Issues Not Limited to NAB FP

Over the last few months NAB FP has been investigating employees who incorrectly witnessed Beneficiary Nomination Forms within NAB FP. FSU has new information that the issue is not limited to NAB FP, but will impact employees and customers in Business Bank and Retail Bank. Now we hear news about contact centre staff being told to witness and certify ID documents themselves using a stamp.

Systemic Issues

NAB FP didn’t appreciate or agree with our characterisation of the issue as systemic – yet they would not disclose how many employees were impacted or that it had also occurred in other parts of the business. 

From the outset FSU members have reported that it was normal practice to bring forms back to the office for signing by the secondary witness.

It’s what they were taught through the on the job training raining they received, it was never identified as an issue in quality checks, and there was no process, procedure or licensee standard in place to guide them.

Endorse the Open Letter to Andrew Thorburn

Based on feedback from FSU members we’ve drafted an open letter to Andrew Thorburn, asking him to step in and take responsibility for the systemic and cultural issues in NAB.

It’s time to take responsibility and do the right thing, not hang workers out to dry. 

To view the open letter to Andrew Thorburn, click here.

Once you’ve read the letter, click here to register your support for our campaign to protect NAB workers.

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