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The Finance Sector Union of Australia (FSU) is calling on all finance sector employers to match the commitment made by Westpac to give employees affected by domestic violence ten days of paid domestic violence leave.
Across Australia, thousands of White Ribbon events are being held this week to assist in the awareness and prevention of domestic violence.
The statistics are chilling:
  • Every week, a woman is killed by a partner or ex partner;
  • One in four women experience domestic violence at some time in their life;
  • Each week, three women are admitted to hospital with a brain injury caused by their partner or ex-partner; and,
  • Children are present in one out of three family violence cases reported to police.
“Every child who witnesses domestic violence is traumatised,  every family needs support to get back on their feet after ending an abusive relationship,” said FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano.
“In a practical sense, survivors of domestic violence need time to plan their way out, to re-arrange finances, to give testimony or attend court, to move their belongings, change schools and so forth,” Ms Angrisano said.
“When people do decide to leave an abusive household, as a community we must match their courage with our ongoing support.”
That’s why workers across Australia are pushing to have ten days paid domestic violence leave embedded in the National Employment Standard, as part of the We Won’t Wait campaign.
Importantly, Westpac Bank has committed to this Gold Standard, and is leading by example.
“The Westpac policy is an example of tremendous corporate leadership.  It wasn’t the result of an extended industrial negotiation – Westpac stepped up simply because it was the right thing to do.“ 
“Whilst we have our differences with many employers in the finance sector, on this issue Westpac is a genuine Australian corporate leader and should be congratulated.” 
“We will always stand shoulder to shoulder with employers who do the right thing.”
“More broadly, we want the leadership of Westpac to be replicated in board rooms across Australia.”
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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