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Join our Research Project on Professionalisation After the Royal Commission
Dear Member,
During the Hayne Royal Commission last year we had many members speak out on the toxic work culture of their workplaces, and the stresses they were under especially to meet sales targets.
As part of developing our professionalisation agenda and vision for an ethical finance sector the FSU is assisting the Centre for Religion and Social Policy at the University of Divinity, with a research project entitled ‘Strengthening the capacity of front-line finance sector workers to work ethically in a conflicted finance sector environment’. The project seeks to inform the advocacy of FSU by developing a formation/education process for front-line finance sector workers that strengthens their capacity for ethical discernment and decision-making. 
The FSU are facilitating the research to help the union build on the experience of members to develop a framework for training staff in an accredited program of professional ethics.
The research team is looking for FSU members to participate in a series of focus groups. Members can contribute by video-conference from your FSU state office or directly with the researchers in our Melbourne office.
Each focus group will comprise members from the same organisation:
  • 6 x CBA
  • 6 x Westpac
  • 6 x NAB
  • 6 x ANZ
  • 6 x AMP
  • 6 x Teachers Mutual Bank
The research team is also looking for 2 groups of injured workers (6 x physical injury, 6 x mental health injury). Participants for the injured workers focus will be restricted to members living in Melbourne.
The focus group will run for around 90 minutes and participation will be on your own time.
Once you offer to volunteer, your email contact details will be forwarded to the Centre’s researchers. They will follow up with more detailed information about the research, informing you that once they have studied the detail, you will be asked to sign and return a ‘Consent Form’ agreeing to take part in the focus group. These processes are required by the University’s Ethics Committee. More details on the location of your group and time and date will also be provided.
Please consider participating, and confirm your willingness to volunteer to me by August 16.
Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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