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Recently the Commonwealth Bank introduced a new code of conduct called “Our Commitments”. Our Commitments replaces the previous Statement of Professional Practice.

Staff have been asked to complete an e-learning module on the new “Our Commitments” and FSU members have raised concerns with us about the “Our Commitments” and the training module being rolled out to staff.

Members have reported that the training module does not cover off all elements in the “Our Commitments” or provide an opportunity to read the new policy as part of the training. Has this been your experience?

With changes afoot across the finance industry when it comes to the way code of conduct breaches could impact your future, it is important that new policies like “Our Commitments” are fully read and understood by members.

The FSU recommends if you haven’t done so already,  ensure you have read the full policy as part of your e-learning module so you understand all the details CBA is asking you to agree to.
If there is something you don’t agree with or understand please raise it with your immediate supervisor or contact the FSU.

If you have already completed your module the FSU still recommends you read the full policy and raise any concerns with your direct manager or contact the FSU.

This is a crucial issue for you and your colleagues and what the industry is considering could stop your career in its tracks. Make sure you forward this email to all staff in your area so everyone is aware what Our Commitments means for you, and your workmates.

If you would like to know more about what the industry is considering you can learn more here http://www.fairfinanceindustry.com/bad_apples_register

If you have any questions please contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au

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