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Fair Work Commission agrees that more consultation is needed

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Yesterday FSU and CBA attended a conciliation hearing with the Fair Work Commission. The hearing was about the union allegation that CBA failed to properly consult with affected employees about redundancies, or to genuinely take into consideration matters raised by the FSU on behalf of members in relation to the bank’s decision to close the Brisbane GLS Centre.
The FSU strongly argued that the requirements of the Enterprise Agreement had not been met.
As a result of this hearing, CBA will meet with the FSU later this week to have further discussions around member proposals which will help mitigate the effects of their decision. Last week, CBA’s response to the 12 issues raised and put forward by members as a result of the inadequate consultation was 11 NO and 1 partial YES.
CBA can do better!
There is now another opportunity for CBA to offer their loyal staff the dignity and respect they deserve through this difficult process. CBA is the most profitable, successful bank in Australia. They can and should do everything within their power to alleviate the stress and trauma the decision to close the Centre has caused their staff.
Show your support for the members.
Please give your support and solidarity to the members directly affected by the decision to close the Brisbane Centre; send them a message so they know their workmates are thinking of them and supporting them through these tough days.
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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