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FSU: Bringing Flexibility to Wealth Ops

Your FSU Reps have been talking to some of you about introducing flexibility into Wealth Ops through the introduction of RDO’s. This has become possible as a result of the win we secured in the new enterprise agreement.


How will it work?
Where a business unit or part of a business unit within Wealth Ops arranges a work pattern of 152 hours per 4-week cycle with or without an RDO, that will continue until the People Leader and you genuinely agree in writing on a revised pattern of hours that can apply.

FSU Meets with NAB
Recently we met with NAB to work through the introduction of RDO’s in Wealth Ops, and we’re pleased to announce:

  1. Teams currently on an RDO continue with the arrangement;
  2. Teams currently on an ADO to be transferred to RDO’s in the few weeks;
  3. Explore opportunities to arrange work flexibly where teams are currently on TOIL arrangements or, on a 20-day cycle with no RDO.

It is expected this agreement will promptly deliver  RDO’s to half the Wealth Ops teams nationally.

Not Transferring to RDO’s?
To transfer to RDO’s your team must reach genuine agreement with your People Leader. It’s about identifying ways to get the work done in a flexible environment, and your FSU Reps can help you find solutions.

Your FSU Reps are:


Nick Perna: nick.perna@nab.com.au
Brad Crofts: bradley.crofts@mlc.com.au
Daryl Walter: daryl_Walter@mlc.com.au

Sharon Mclean: sharon.mclean@nab.com.au
Lynne Halley: lynne_halley@mlc.com.au


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