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CBA show they just don't care! No dignity or respect for sacked workers
Last week 150 staff in Group Operations Brisbane were told of CBA's intention to close the centre over the next twelve months with 66 staff not required in just nine weeks time.
FSU members met last Wednesday afternoon and passed a unanimous resolution requesting CBA look for voluntary redundancies across Brisbane, Sydney and Perth so that only staff willing to leave CBA would lose their jobs.
Yesterday morning staff and FSU were advised that CBA would not reconsider their proposal and they would push through with issuing formal notification letters to 66 staff immediately.
They have been caught out!
In an outrageously disrespectful way to treat their staff, over half of which have worked for CBA for over 20 years, CBA advised the Courier Mail on Thursday 29 June of this decision.
The Courier Mail ran an article yesterday explaining CBA's decision – this article appeared prior to CBA advising their staff or the FSU, who have met with them every day for the past week. This is an absolute disgrace. In a letter provided to FSU on 3 July, CBA state the following: “having carefully considered the options available, the Group has determined that these benefits are best achieved by the closure of the Brisbane GLS Centre.”
There was no careful consideration, they advised their decision to the Courier Mail 4 days before, and only a matter of hours after FSU provided the resolution to them.
As part of the consultation process another 12 asks were also put to CBA on behalf of members in an effort to mitigate some of the effects of their proposed decision. Yesterday, CBA provided their response – NO!
The General Manager of Group Lending Services stated that "individuals can come and ask me for help or to consider their individual circumstances and I will do that".
Problem with that? In the next breath he advised that he would be taking annual leave from close of business today! 
Who sacks 150 staff one week and goes on annual leave the next?
FSU members, without knowledge of the annual leave situation, requested a staff meeting today with the General Manager and FSU present but at this stage there is no agreement from CBA to do this. This is totally unacceptable behaviour from a company that can and should do better.
It's time CBA to step up and treat your loyal staff with the dignity and respect they deserve!
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