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CA1 Restructure – Info on Job Offers

Important things to Know

We’ve had reports from around the country that Managers have started to make offers to employees impacted by the CA1 restructure.  To avoid confusion, ask that any offer made to you to be given in writing.

A Job is Guaranteed

It’s important to remember that Consumer Leadership, Mike Baird and Krissie Jones, have committed that everyone that wants a job will have one. If you want to keep your hours and days, you should opt for a relief role.


You may be deployed to a comparable role or an acceptable role. If you do not accept deployment to a comparable role you are not entitled to retrenchment payments.

NAB may require you to undertake a trial in an acceptable role, but you’re still not obliged to accept the role. Income adjustments are included for the first 12 months where you choose to take an acceptable role.

What is a Comparable Role?

  • At or above the same TEC as the position the you held which was made redundant;
  • Fills the same number of hours per 4-week cycle;
  • Does not entail a change in duties significant enough to be unreasonable in the circumstances of your skills, ability, previous work experience and training required to fulfil the role;
  • Does not involve an unreasonable change in daily start and finishing times (to be determined by such factors as the degree of the change and your family responsibilities and personal needs); and
  • Is at the same location or at another location which is in reasonable commuting distance (to be determined by reference to factors including your duties and responsibilities, family responsibilities and historical use of private and public transport).


What is an Acceptable Role?

An acceptable role is a role that is not a comparable role.

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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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