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BWA Enterprise Bargaining

Are We Bargaining Again?

Recently FSU participated in preliminary discussions with Bankwest regarding a new Enterprise Agreement. The current Agreement has a nominal expiry date of 30th June 2019 but will continue to operate until replaced by a new Agreement. The bank has acknowledged their commitment to commence negotiations shortly, in fact, as quickly as possible. The union has now formally written to the bank advising of our intent to participate in those negotiations.

What happens now?

Earlier this year the union surveyed members seeking feedback on what works in the current Agreement and what changes would improve work life balance in the workplace. That feedback is being collated and will form the claim that will be presented to the bank at the commencement of negotiations by your FSU negotiators.

Your part in the process

To assist negotiators during the negotiation discussions, we seek volunteers to be part of the FSU Consultative Committee. If you would like to be involved, please email wa@fsunion.org.au with your contact details.


Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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