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Bankwest management provided FSU with a briefing on 13th June 2017 advising of their decision to reduce or cease trading in some locations on Saturday and Sunday across the country.
Bankwest said every effort will be made to take into account individual colleague personal circumstances.  The bank advised that store managers will hold individual discussions with impacted colleagues inviting them to provide their preferred working hours and locations by Wednesday 21st June 2017.
Does this affect you? What are your rights?
The BWA Group Services Pty Ltd Bankwest Enterprise Agreement 2016 (EA) provides that:
  • The Company will provide Colleagues who work on Saturday or Sunday no less than 8 weeks written notice of any cessation to such work.
  • Rostering will be determined in the spirit of mutuality and cooperation and should be achieved through agreement where possible. The business will take into account colleagues family responsibilities and child care arrangements, health, safety and transport arrangements and any other relevant factors.
  • Colleagues must be rostered for NO LESS than 4 hours on any start.
  • The Company may engage colleagues on the basis their ordinary hours will not exceed 10 hours on any day.
  • Colleagues must have a 10 hour break between shifts.
  • Colleagues dissatisfied with their allocated rostered hours should raise their concerns with their line manager in the first instance but can utilise the Dispute Settlement Procedure in the EA. FSU members can request assistance from the FSU at any stage of the dispute procedure.  
Your personal circumstances must be taken into consideration in any changes that may affect your day to day responsibilities. If the notice period given to you is insufficient time for you to make arrangements to meet your family needs (ie child care arrangements or other family commitments) or financial commitments (ie reduced income to service existing loans or additional costs to meet child care needs) contact the union to discuss options available to you.  
NOTE:  Your contracted hours cannot be reduced without your agreement.
The bank has decided more than 50 Assistant Store Manager roles will disappear. In making this change the bank will create 16 relieving store manager positions across the country. A further 7 Quality Support Manager positions will also be created. In some circumstances there may be redundancies where a colleague is not able to be redeployed. 
Does this affect you?   What are your rights?
Colleagues (Level 2.3) who have not secured a position will be notified of role redundancy and are entitled to the provisions in Clause 37 of the EA .
East Coast Assistant Store Manages (Level 3) - Bankwest applies the same provisions for redeployment as those in Clause 37.  If you were employed prior to 1 July 2014 and are currently in receipt of the Translation Allowance the bank has advised the allowance will be added to your base salary if you are redeployed.
If you have any questions around your rights or entitlements contact the Members Rights Centre on 1300 366 378. 


Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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