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Westpac Lomond SOS Campaign
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We all know that workers have a far stronger voice, and are able to achieve better results at the negotiating table when a workplace has a high union density. The power of the collective with regard to resolving workplace issues has been inspiringly executed this month by workers at Westpac in Lomond. 

When 46 members of staff at the call centre were left devastated by the bank’s announcement that its overnight team was to be outsourced to Direct Alliance, union Reps and members were determined to campaign for better treatment from their employer. 

Westpac initially offered no financial compensation despite the fact that individuals affected were facing the prospect of an estimated $1200 in financial loss per fortnight. 

To stand as a united front against a major bank is no small undertaking. Throughout the continued negotiations, committed members and Reps fought not only for themselves – but for everyone affected by these abrupt changes. Late night meetings were held (which some individuals even attended on their days off, and during maternity leave!) and members were photographed with their personal and financial impact statements (pictured) which were then sent on to Westpac.

The FSU are absolutely delighted to announce that the bank has now guaranteed:

  1.  Individuals will be entitled to their first shift preference
  2. This shift will be secure for a period of 12 months following the next scheduled shift review (i.e. until 30th September 2014)
  3. The six month retention of fixed ordinary hours’ gross income

As this fantastic outcome was recently delivered, one member stood up and emphasised how proud she was to be member of a strong union. This is such an empowering win for FSU members, and underlines how important it is to stand collectively as one and be part of your union.

"At the close of the meeting, you couldn’t wipe the smile off the members faces (nor mine) – UNION PROUD!!" Jess Cassidy, Organiser

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Authorised By: Darren Martin, Local Executive Secretary Vic/Tas
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