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September Member of the month: James Joseph O’ Brien
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(L-R) Darren Martin, James O’Brien, Anna Burke and Hus Nanayakarra  

I’ve been a member of the FSU for four years and a workplace rep for a year. Prior to this year, I hadn’t been overly active with the union but during this federal election campaign I was heavily involved.

The FSU campaign is about making sure we have a sustainable and fair financial services industry. 

It focuses on five key issues:  developing an industry plan; incentives and disincentives designed to keep jobs in Australia; requiring the government to buy from companies that invest in local jobs; giving customers the right to decide where their data is kept; and expanding the FOFA principles to cover all aspects of financial services.

These are all really important initiatives that would make for a better finance industry that provides secure jobs and secure pay.

One of the highlights of being active in the union has been calling and talking to fellow members. It’s made me realise that the financial services industry and FSU members are a real cross section of the community. 

Hearing about people’s lives, views and issues has been an uplifting, interesting and occasionally bittersweet experience. 

The most encouraging aspect of volunteering for me has been that people of all different political stripes really bought into the key elements of the campaign.  That tells me that the issues we’re advocating for are sensible, and will make a difference to finance sector workers.

Another highlight has been meeting candidates, and realising that they are regular and very hard working people.

I haven’t met many politicians before, but a few weeks ago I had the opportunity alongside some other FSU members to meet Anna Burke, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

I was a bit nervous meeting the current Speaker but Anna was warm, approachable and passionate about the same workplace issues as I am. 

I’d strongly advise any members out there to get actively involved in our union.

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Authorised By: Darren Martin, Local Executive Secretary Vic/Tas
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