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ANZ Direct workers step up to stop jobs being offshored
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For the 590 workers whose jobs are at risk by ANZ’s latest cost cutting plans, the bank’s marketing slogan ‘We live in your world’ has a hollow ring to it.

With the ink barely dry on newspaper reports of the bank’s exorbitant half-year profits of $3.2 billion, its leaked plan to boost profits by potentially offshoring hundreds of jobs across the Mulgrave and Dorcas St sites is disappointing.

The response has been inspiring, and the past few months have seen committed FSU reps host a flurry of activities to save these jobs.

At Dorcas St, reps hosted a barbeque in order to engage their colleagues in the campaign, promote membership, and to educate and inspire activism. 220 worker details were collected and 8 new members signed up: not bad for a couple of hours over a lunchtime!

Mulgrave reps have similarly been busy involving workers in the campaign, creating a visual show of silent protest and solidarity by circulating ‘Save Mulgrave’ desk flags, and distributing ribbons. The working group has been meeting weekly to plan ways in which they can further engage workers and raise awareness.

Our top four banks make more money every couple of seconds than the average full-time working Australian earns in one week. Bank staff are the people providing the means by which these mind-blowing profits are achieved, so why is it that they are the ones consistently short-changed?

ANZ are due to announce their decision in the next few weeks, so it’s a critical time in which to get involved and influence the final outcome:

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Authorised By: Darren Martin, Local Executive Secretary Vic/Tas
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