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Qld: Are you experiencing staffing issues in Westpac and St George?
Recently FSU members in Queensland have been reporting that staffing levels have not been sufficient to meet Westpac Group's obligations to their employees and their obligations to meet their customers' needs. 
It appears that understaffing, unreasonable targets and workloads that cannot be completed in normal working hours is on the rise. We understand that understaffing often leads to angry and sometimes aggresive customers which only adds to the stress of targets and workloads.  We must ensure that Westpac meets its obligations to provide you with a safe and healthy work environment.
Your Union invites you to participate in a staffing survey to establish how widespread these issues are in Westpac and the impact this is having on you and your fellow members.
Simply click here to complete our survey online. Alternatively you can download a PDF of the survey by clicking here. Ask your colleagues, both union members and those yet to join, to complete the survey too.   
As always, the stronger our voice the more we can achieve.
Authorised By: Wendy Streets, Local Executive Secretary QLD
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