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Meet your Mythbusters - Qld ANZ Local Enterprise Council


Mythbuster #1 - Overtime

Recently ANZ members have been reporting some interesting stories that are being told to staff about your right to be paid overtime and what you will be paid for. Here’s some information that will help you know what you are entitled to in relation to Overtime.
Myth 1
"There is a ban on overtime, no one will be paid overtime"

ANZ can only refuse to pay overtime if they cease asking staff to work past their normal hours.
Myth 2
"Tellers who don’t balance have to stay in their own time until they balance for the day"
If tellers are directed to stay past their finish time to find their error they are entitled to be paid overtime.
Myth 3
"You can’t have Overtime, you can only have time in lieu"
ANZ can only substitute overtime for time in lieu at your request, not theirs.
Myth 4
"If there are customers still in the bank after closing time you have to serve them regardless of the time your shift finishes"
If there are customers still in the bank and you are due to finish you must ask your Manager for direction. The following answers from your Manager are authorisation to pay overtime:
  • “keep serving”,
  • “you need to balance before you leave”,
  • “there’s no one else to serve, you will have to stay”.
Your ANZ Enterprise Agreement 2015-2016 entitles you to be paid overtime and the details are contained in Clause 2.5 Payment for additional hours for both full-time and part-time employees.
If you require further information contact your Workplace Rep or the
Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.
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Authorised By: Wendy Streets, Local Executive Secretary QLD
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