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FSU Qld Rep of the Year: Shae Ryan

“Westpac workers are better off because of the work she did.” Congratulations FSU Qld Rep of the Year Shae Ryan

Shae Ryan was one of the driving forces behind the campaign for fairer targets at Westpac and that great work has been recognised, with the announcement that Shae has been named the FSU Queensland Rep of the Year.

Shae was one of the first Westpac workers to raise concerns about FY14 targets with the union and she went on to contact FSU members right across the Brisbane North region, convincing them to agree to be part of collective action over the massive hike in targets.

When the union established a delegation of members to meet with Westpac to try to resolve the dispute, Shae was the automatic selection to represent Queensland members as part of that delegation. She did a fantastic job on the delegation and made sure that the concerns of Queensland members were front and centre in the discussions with the bank.

When there were report backs or meetings to pass resolutions to decide on what was needed to win for members, Shae attended as many rep meetings as possible to report directly regarding the national meetings she had been part of.

527 members formally took part in the dispute and their campaign to reduce targets was successful.

We may not have won that campaign without the work that Shae and the other delegation members did to get a resolution that was acceptable to members.

FSU Queensland Secretary Wendy Streets said “We congratulate Shae on a great year, hundreds of fellow staff members in Westpac are better off because of the work she did.”

Congratulations Shae Ryan, FSU Qld Rep of the Year 2014. Keep up the great work.

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Authorised By: Wendy Streets, Local Executive Secretary QLD
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