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SCCU - Your working conditions are under attack... Time to stand up and say no!

Earlier this year, Southern Cross Credit Union advised they intended to make an application to Fair Work to have the current staff Enterprise Agreement set aside which would have seen your many of your conditions stripped back to the basic Banking, Insurance and Finance Award (BFI Award). On behalf of all members at Southern Cross, FSU wrote to the Credit Union calling on them to do the right thing and come to the negotiating table and negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement for their staff.

Negotiations began a couple of weeks ago and at last Friday’s meeting the Credit Union outlined a complete version of the company’s claim. Unfortunately, the claim is an attack on your current conditions and the proposal reflects the company’s initial proposal to put all staff on the BFI Award.

What’s the difference?

FSU is currently putting a comparison document together of your current conditions and the company’s proposal and over the coming weeks we will be in contact to explain the differences and ask your opinion so we can take your feedback to the next meeting on 6 October. The difference between the company moving to have the current expired agreement set aside and entering into negotiations with staff for a new Agreement is that they cannot achieve their goal unless you agree to it. It is now time to show Southern Cross that your work is valuable and you don’t deserve to be treated this way.

Not a member yet?

If you are not an FSU member yet but don’t want to see your conditions stripped away, please join with your workmates and ensure you have a voice in securing your conditions at work.

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Finance Sector Union, NSW/ACT Branch
Ph: 1300 366 378

Authorised By: Rebecca Reilly, NSW/ACT Local Executive Secretary
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