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NSW/ACT Country & Regional Teleconferences

 Two weeks ago FSU Leader Representatives from across NSW/ACT attended a very important meeting where they discussed a proposal by the Banks and the Australian Banking Association (ABA) to introduce a “Bad Apples” register. This register of finance workers seeks to scapegoat workers for the public loss of confidence in Australian Banks rather than the need to change a culture driven from the top.

FSU members have expressed concern that this register (which would be shared amongst finance sector employers) could result in the end of your career in the finance industry. Things that put you in the register may include the most basic and minor infractions of workplace policy or undergoing a performance or misconduct process whether or not you were found innocent or guilty. There are no proposed avenues to appeal or to have yourself removed from the register.

To address this critical issue we will be holding special FSU Rep teleconference across NSW and ACT.

Please register for one of the times below by clicking on the time and date that best suits your circumstances. Registration will close at COB Wednesday 31 May.

Dial in details will be sent to you before the teleconference via return email.

Tues 6th June,  6:30pm

Wed 7th June,  6:30pm

Thurs 8th June,  6:30pm

This is a critical issue for finance workers. If you currently don’t have a FSU Representative in your workplace please arrange for a FSU colleague to attend.

Congratulations to everyone for being part of this important activity.

As one of the FSU Leader Representatives recently said, “When all of us stand together, we can change anything!”

In Unity
Rebecca Reilly,
Secretary, NSW/ACT Branch

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Authorised By: Rebecca Reilly, NSW/ACT Local Executive Secretary
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