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Financial Literacy

How financially literate are you?

Do you have good skills in managing your own personal finances, in:

• planning?
• budgeting?
• investing?
• borrowing?
• risk management?

Financial literacy is recognised as being really important for the empowerment of individuals and has serious implications for their quality of life.  It helps people feel more in control and less stressed about money.  It also gives them more choice in their lives.

Improve your financial literacy

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has some excellent financial tips on their Fido website at www.asic.gov.au/fido - particularly in the Managing your Money section.

Watch this space

With the help of Money 101 Money for Life we intend to regularly post useful information about financial literacy on this page.

Money 101 provides financial education for employees to take control of their money management practices and to plan for a safe and secure retirement. Their proven program enables staff to gain vital skills and knowledge in financial planning, wealth management, budgeting, transition to retirement, superannuation and much more.
The Money 101 program has been recognised by major Australian corporations, government and the financial services sector. The program does not promote particular financial products. It’s goal is to inform and educate. It provides the user with tools to make better, more informed decisions about managing their money during their working lives. Financial literacy education is now a priority for all Australians and is increasingly something that employees look for in an employer of choice.

Money 101’s financial literacy program promotes a work place culture that puts the individual at the centre of responsibility for their long term financial security. It helps employees and their families to gain skills to build wealth now and into the future. The program is a cost effective method of providing financial education to staff across all levels of an organisation. It is well tested in the market place and major corporations, government and industry associations testify to the programs efficacy and benefits.

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