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Career Resources

This section provides resources to help you plan your career, apply for jobs, complie a résumé and prepare for interviews.

Résumé Resources
Your résumé is probably your most important job search tool. Click here for  résumé resources available to FSU members. 

Career planning
Information to help you develop your career plan.

Applying for jobs
Information sheets and sample cover letters to help you with the process of applying for jobs.

Preparing for an interview
Information to help you get ready for a job interview. Interview success is all in the preparation you do before you get there.

Information to help you get started - it's not as scary as you might think it is.

Dealing with retrenchment
Important and useful information for anyone faced with retrenchment.

Seek Career Resources
Click here to access the career resources on the seek website.


Finance Sector Job Search

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